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Many cities would welcome an economy like we have here in Middle Tennessee.  However, unprecedented growth can spur unpredictable issues that can affect the sales of commercial properties.


So, why not let us help?


Our Commercial Division has extensive experience working with several industries including:


·         Retail - restaurants, storefronts, strip malls
·         Industrial - warehouses, data centers, manufacturing
·         Multi-family - small apartment complexes
·         Land – parcels, investment or owner
·         Leasing – office space
·         Investment opportunities – revenue-generating properties within Sumner, Robertson, Wilson, Cheatham and Davidson counties. 


Our clients benefit from our expertise in sales and marketing.  Using powerful in-house tools, we provide expert negotiation, deal structuring and strategic exposure, aiming for the highest return on your investment.


Download our Commercial Real Estate Brochure. Call us or click here for a free, up-to-date, Market Analysis report.


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Heather Devermann                                                   Jennifer Favata

Vice President, Commercial Real Estate                       Affiliate Broker, Commercial Real Estate

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